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Eberith Vocabulary Series - Alef

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Narrow Path Books is delighted to bring you the Eberith Vocabulary Series. This series will include a workbook for each Eberith letter.

This series is the logically next step after our Hebrew Word Discovery Series: Letters and Grammar. Both books are self-study however on demand classes are coming to our website On our website you have access to the glossary and vocabulary flash cards. They are downloadable at no additional cost. Inside this workbook are 100 vocabulary words.

This workbook is also self-study, and it is fun and challenging. The 10 vocabulary charts will introduce you to the English, Hebrew, and Eberith words including the phonetics and Hebrew Strong’s number for further study. The activity pages will challenge you to identify the Hebrew and Eberith word to the English. The word scramble will tickle your brain while the Eberith word search will challenge your brain. As you check the answers in the back of the book you will immediately know if additional study is needed or if you have mastered these vocabulary words so you can download your certificate of completion from our site available for wall hanging or social media posting! Enjoy, Margaret!

You will get a PDF (5MB) file