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Hebrew Word Discovery Series - Eberith Letters

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This is a fun workbook that will open up a whole new world for you! Eberith is the original language from Yahuah. It is such a joy to help bring back this Language that the "Angel of the Presence (Yahuah) dictated to Mosheh on Sinai and Mosheh wrote in a script we identify as Eberith but call Hebrew.

In this book you will be introduced to the ancient letters, their sound, form and meaning. You will learn how to write the letters and have an opportunity to learn over 60 vocabulary words. There are worksheets to practice and fun quizzes and word search problems to make learning fun.

You can learn on your own or you can check to find out when the on-demand Letters class has been uploaded for you to enjoy at no additional cost. You will find several resources on my author site. There is also a chat for folks with the same interest who want to connect.

When you purchase this PDF you are purchasing 3 available downloads for you and your immediate family use. Please do not steal my work and give it to others. This is what Yahuah has give me to do to provide for myself. Thank you for respecting that.

You will get a PDF (36MB) file